Short Story

The Runner

You are the Runner. Running out of your office cubicle you head towards a wide window. Hearing the noises of destruction and chaos outside, you take a leap of faith.
You smash through the window, shattering it in a million pieces. Shards of glass shower the streets below, minor in the grander scheme of destruction. Flying through the air you look down for a moment, following the shards with your gaze. Crowds of people run, scattered, in terror, their peace shattered like the window.
You land on the rooftop ahead without much trouble. The noise of grinding metal drowns out your footsteps as you run to the other rooftop. A huge figure appears in the distance as you watch the skyline. It is metallic and enormous, dwarfing buildings. Something of the same scale whizzes past above you. *What is happening?* You think as you run.
The city is laid before you as you run to safety. There’ll be time for answers later. Right now, however, you are only The Runner.

(Based on the iOS and Android game Canabalt.)


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