Sonnets for Poppy

Sonnet I


It was a cold month of new beginnings

Ice and snow on all of the once green trees

In the air, all the snowflakes were spinning

Suspended above the ground by the breeze


It was a time of change, start of the year

In the dead of winter, one has to start

Yet amidst the cold, something was now clear

Why there was now a beating in my heart


It was the start of an exciting time

Of a love I thought lived only in my head

My darling, what you did should be a crime

With one look you left me without any breath


A brave new world but I was not afraid;

I knew my love for you would never fade.


Sonnet II


Cupid himself visited me that day

An arrow readied on his pink bow

I did not realize then I had not a say

That you would always be my lovely beau


So magical it seemed that frigid month,

That inside there was a fire in my heart,

And outside the world was covered in snow,

That even then it burned like it was a hearth.


Nineteen years ago to that day you came

To dazzle the world with your fine beauty

And impress the people with your grace

And yet somehow you became my cutie


But the one truly blessed was another,

When you, my dearest, became my lover.


Sonnet III


Shall I compare you to a burning flame?

Warming me in the cold nights of winter

In all the land you are the finest dame,

Never failing to make me feel a winner.


Shall I compare you to every treasure

That man has searched and looked for back and forth?

My love, even all that does not measure

To how much to me you truly are worth.


Or compare you to a beautiful queen?

With her hair the brightest of all the reds,

With a smile the world never since has seen,

Only but a glimpse and I was stopped dead.


But if the truth is meant to be laid bare,

When it comes to you, there is no compare.


Sonnet IV


Do you know what you give me every day?

A reason to smile, a reason to thrive;

With you by my side not a day is gray,

You loving me makes me want to survive.


From the way you can always make me laugh,

And how you never fail to make me smile,

Baby, I think you are my better half

You make every single moment worthwhile.


The only regret I could imagine

Is not loving you from the beginning.

Wasted years without giving my passion;

When I met you, now I started living.


Even if we are both still in our prime,

I yet find myself wishing for more time.


Sonnet V


But not a thing I would change about you.

You inspire me to write for you this art;

And I do hope all these words do ring true

When you listen to them inside your heart.


It has been one long, fun, tremendous year

Full of love, full of hugs and affection

And not a day has gone without some cheer

Ever since I dared with a confession


And thus so, with these last few closing lines

I hope I have made it clear to you, dear

How much the two of our lives are entwined

And just how lost without you I would be


I will always love you eternally

Here’s to a happy anniversary.